The Valleylock Word
Valleylock is a strong durable product, designed to provide both security and a vastly improved visual finish to roof tile valley gutters.

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Installation Details
Valleylock Security
Valleylock is proven to withstand extremely high wind situations by creating a locking system in the valleys which can be the....

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Valleylock Brochures
- Valleylock Brochure Side 1
- Valleylock Brochure Side 2
Valleylock installation procedure...

It is recommended that Valleylock be installed by a professional Roof Tiler.

Installation of Valleylock is most cost efficient when your new tiled roof is being installed, however a roof tiler can easily install Valleylock at any time.

Valleylock is simply placed up the centre of the roof valley and the tiles are cut neatlly into the sides of it. The "lock" is achieved with a combination of roof pitch, tiles overlapping each other and the binding effect between the tiles and the side perforations in the Valleylock.

We recommend that Valleylock be installed by a professional Roof Tiler.
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