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Valleylock is a strong durable product, designed to provide both security and a vastly improved visual finish to roof tile valley gutters.

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Valleylock Security
Valleylock is proven to withstand extremely high wind situations by creating a locking system in the valleys which can be the....

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Valleylock supports and secures cut valley tiles, locking them into position thus ensuring they cannot become dislodged and slide out in severe weather. By enclosing the water channel, falling debris such as tree branches, leaves and hail are prevented from damming the valley, which can lead to ceiling flooding. As with roof gutters, Valleylocked valleys should be cleared of debris from time to time.

Valleylock is formed from high quality zinc coated steel, a strong long lasting metal that has been used as a roofing material for more then 25 years.

Zinc coated steel is used for other roof plumbing products such as metal roofs, roof gutters, flashings and rainwater tanks, thus Valleylock will be compatible with these products.
Professional installation is recommended.
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